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Research Directions


Research and development of scientific and technical solutions for the design of wind-, solar- and electrical power engineering supply mobile system


Autonomous power supply systems based on reciprocating motion generators for the individual information systems


Research and development of frequency-controlled electric drive for advanced vehicles


Research and development of asynchronous and synchronous  generators for autonomous wind turbines


Electromechanical damping converters with distributed secondary medium



Processing of Earth remote sensing data


Effectiveness increase of the systems of broadband access to multimedia services using Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) technology


Development of technical principles of generation, transmission and transformation of spiraling beams in fiber-optic telecommunication systems


Data processing systems for Space monitoring


Development of ultra wide band systems of data transmission


Development of breakthrough technologies in the area of All Optical Networks (AON)


Microsatellite “UGATU-SAT” launching project







Teaching methodology for Electrical Engineering courses using technologies of distant learning


Methods of analysis and synthesis for information and measurement systems


Process control for technological processes of electrolytic plasma treatments for metals and alloys





Development of Motion Sensors based on various principles, such as inductive and magnetostrictive


Investigation of methods for transmission of signals from rotating objects, including methods with transformers, capacitive and fiber-optic devices


Developments of medical apparatus for diagnostics and therapy by acupuncture


Developments of magnetometric sensors


Research and Design of heterogeneous liquid media


Control Systems for gas turbine engines


Control Systems for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles




Design of high-performance computing systems based on multiprocessor structures with programmable architecture for on-Board systems of aircrafts


Design of maintenance concept of complex technical systems based on intelligent assessment of the trend state parameters by using inference rules for temporal precedents


Design of the integrated modular avionics for unmanned aircraft with automatic flight control system

Measuring transducers. Design of the measurement systems for complex  heat dependent objects (including biological).  The use of alternative energy sources


Design of the integrated intelligent systems for medical technology


Design of intelligent control systems of complex technical objects.


the use of the network technologies for complex processing in biomedical systems (bachelors, masters, post-graduate students


Design of the specialized computer systems for integrated control and diagnostics of complex technical objects (medicine, oil and gas, aerospace, energy, etc).


Electromechanical damping converters with distributed secondary medium


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